DBA – Doctorate in Business

Strategies, Logistics & Supply Chains


The main goal of the DBA Program on Strategies, Logistics & Supply Chains is to develop outstanding research capabilities of business professionals in order to solve complex challenges in the fields of supply chain coordination, purchasing and procurement, inventory management, supply chain finance, supply chain risk management and security and supply chain innovation – through innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to a tangible benefit.

Why choose this program ?

Practical Information

3 years. A derogation for an additional fourth year can be given to a student to complete the capstone.

Minimum conditions for entry into the program

All DBA applicants must hold an undergraduate and a graduate degree (Master level diploma) or equivalent qualifications from their home countries that qualify them for doctoral studies.
Additionally, all applicants must submit supplemental materials to complete their application.

Required documents to apply

1- Application form
2 – Curriculum vitae / Resume
3 – Motivation Letter
4 – Copy of their passport
5 – Official transcripts/diploma (both Master and bachelor’s degree is required).
6 – Official TOEFL, IELTS (minimum 6.5 test score) or other similar English test (if not a native speaker) that is accepted and validated by ESLI International
7 – Three letters of recommendation (executive and academic)
8 – Certificate of employment (if you exercise a professional activity)
9 – Research proposal

Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

Identify and frame difficult societal and business challenges ;
Design and execute rigorous research in the fields of Strategy, Logistics, and Supply chain management ;
Develop and disseminate solutions among different audiences ;
Apply doctoral-level research competencies to make a lasting impact on business and society in today’s ever changingunstable





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