Bachelor in International Supply Chain and Procurement


The Bachelor in International Supply Chain & Procurement enables students to become industry leaders capable of providing global organizations with a competitive edge through lean efficient operations. The program prepares young professionals to tackle business problems in the international marketplace and understand the complex challenges of today’s logistics.
The program is designed to equip future managers with the essential-critical skills and specialized knowledge to optimize inventory, warehouse, and transportation operations, streamline processes, improve suppliers’ relations as well as customer experience, to enhance both profitability and sustainability.

Pedagogical dynamics and diploma

The Supply Chain Management Certificate is a comprehensive online program that combines reading materials, online practice tests, and interactive study tools – to help participants better understand and retain the information.
Courses are delivered by renowned academics and industry champions to ensure that participants get the best experience possible.

At the end of the program, participants who have validated the required credits will be eligible to get the Supply Chain Management Certificate delivered by MEGS of the GIP CEI.

The aim of this professional certification is to provide participants with an overview of supply chain management, highlighting the evolution and trends of international logistics, procurement, and transport while taking into consideration today’s concerns – most notably, geopolitical, technological, and ecological transitions.

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