GIP E.S.P.R.I.T Campus Industries in Redon is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, INTERREG Atlantic Area for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources 4 Water (EERES4WATER). It is also funded by the Brittany Council, SDE 22, SDE 35, Brest Metropole and Redon metropolitan area.

The aim is to reduce the energy and financial costs of water management, both on the continent and in the Atlantic islands. It aims to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises so that they can offer best solutions through innovation and cooperation.

The project is led by the CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia in Spain). Several actions are developed with partners in Spain, Portugal, Wales, Ireland and France (in Brittany).

The GIP plans to equip at least 2 sites in Brittany with micro-turbines, and to work on pumps running on hybrid energy systems (turbine, solar panels…. on islands). The team will combine case studies and pilot sites.

We will also help SME to develop a dedicated offer to ensure best solutions for water management. Cooperation and agreements will be strengthened between each region of the project.

This project started in April 2019. The project must be undertaken over a three year time span with a budget of 450,000 euros in Brittany.