Campus values


Our E.S.P.R.I.T. Industries Campus – ESLI

The E.S.P.R.I.T. Industries Campus – Higher Education Professionalization Research Innovation Technologies – is a local campus that was designed in 2013 and which aims to offer alternating courses from the Bac level to Bac -5 on the Redon Basin.

The Graduate School of Industrial Logistics (ESLI) celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2018. The excellent training offer covers Supply Chain Management, logistics and procurement, in initial and continuing training.

In July 2016, the E.S.P.R.I.T. Industries Campus and the ESLI meet in one Campus. Our courses, mainly focused on industry, aim to train students at the Bac 2 level in technical and management professions. All students complete their training on an alternating basis either by apprenticeship contract, professionalisation contract or internship in the fields of Purchasing, Logistics, Supply Chain and technology trades in electronics. , mechanics and robotics or energy control, electricity and sustainable development.

The GIP (Public Interest Group) Campus E.S.P.R.I.T. Industries, supported by regional, departmental and community bodies, is located in Redon, a crossroads of 3 departments and 2 regions.


The Strengths:

  • Active pedagogy focused on partnership with industrialists
  • Professional and personalized support for candidates
  • Graduate training as close as possible to companies through the alternation of apprenticeship contract, professionalisation contract or alternating internship.
  • Training for professionals in continuing education: graduates, qualified.
  • Access to technical trays and documentary funds from partner institutions