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Since its creation, the E.S.P.R.I.T. Industries Campus has surrounded itself with a consortium of partner companies heavily involved in its development.

This business club, called TECH’INDUS, allows the signatory companies and the Campus to jointly deploy collaborative areas related to central topics:

  • Professional integration – recruitment

Our partner companies distribute their offers of alternation, internships or employment to the Campus network in a privileged way: students and graduates.

All means are used to enable partners to carry out a quality sourcing, to recruit profiles adapted to each need and to boost the attractiveness of their employer brand:

  • Participation in Job Dating
  • Corporate presentation conferences
  • Personalised recruitment sessions
  • educational methods

The E.S.P.R.I.T. Industries Campus – ESLI invites its partners to get involved in the development of new training programs.

The annual TECH’INDUS project review initiates a real exchange between the companies that recruit and the training centre. The aim is to create a match between the programmes and the training needs.

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School-business partnerships are developed “tailor-made” from a win-win perspective. It is a question of creating a relationship of trust carried by privileged interlocutors and putting in place actions that are of interest to all.

If you would like to get involved with us, please contact the Business Relations Department:

Corporate Relations Project Manager
02 23 10 04 11

The business club is now made up of :